What is Digital Marketing? What Can It Do For My Business?

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Digital marketing refers to the promotion of a business’s products and services via the internet or other digital marketing channels like the social media platforms. With both potential consumers and competitors continually roaming over the internet, it is vital for businesses whether small or large to stay ahead in the digital world. This is why several businesses are currently shifting most if not all of their marketing efforts to digital marketing. They are not only striving to keep pace with evolving customer behaviour and marketing landscape but are also streamlining their operations, processes and supportive technology to connect and shape customer interactions.

The following are the key benefits that accrue to a business from various forms of internet & digital marketing:

1. Top-Rankings in Google From SEO

Search Engine Optimization is all about obtaining top rankings in Google, resulting to increased flowing traffic to a website. Statistics show that there are about 3.5 trillion searches on Google every day. Getting to the first page in the Google can potentially increase the exposure of a business making it easy-to-be-found by potential customers. SEO is a broad marketing framework that should not miss in a digital marketer’s toolbox. Though it takes some time to implement, SEO is a very cost-effective marketing tool.

2. Influence Purchase Decisions through Social Media Engagement

A HubSpot Survey of businesses shows the following statistics from companies extensively involved in social media marketing

  • 92% of marketing professionals have reported an increase in the exposure of their businesses generated from incorporating social media efforts.
  • 82% of them realized significant increase in traffic to their websites/landing pages.

Social media allows a business to engage directly with customers, obtain feedback, raise business & brand awareness and ultimately purchase goods & services online. With so many people using social media, it is so easy for a business to distribute content and reach a large audience at an affordable cost. Social media offer businesses advanced but cost-effective advertising platforms with the use of keywords, demographics and interest-based campaigns.

3. Precise Customer-Targeting Through Use of Facebook Ads

Approximately two billion people use Facebook every single month. However, not all are potential customers, but with Facebook Ads targeting option, it becomes pretty simple for a business to target the right customers by using the available data such as interests, behaviours, and demographics, a business can connect with customers and expand their fan base. Therefore, by matching your products and services with your ideal customers/avatars, there’s a higher probability customers will take up your offers unlike traditional marketing where advertising is broadcasted to the entire universe of customers.

4. Use Celebrities As Brand Ambassadors Through Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram is where influencers and brands converge; a business can utilize it to promote their products and gain a huge following. Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and has now reached over 800 million active users every month. With the use of trustworthy celebrities who can influence and persuade others, a business can potentially make lots of sales by featuring their products and services on their profiles. Not only will this bring you additional revenue but also an increased brand awareness resulting from celebrity endorsement. This form of marketing was previously reserved for major corporations who would use huge budgets to have celebrity endorsement on TV and Radio. Now, almost any business big or small can do it with Instagram Shoutouts costing as little as $20.

5. Engage Prospective Customers Using YouTube Video Marketing

About 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every passing minute. Approximately 700,000 hours of video are watched every minute on YouTube. Additionally, over 1.325 billion people use YouTube every day. YouTube marketing allows a business to deliver information to a large audience in a much different format and way. In fact, YouTube has become the second largest search engine making it a crucial marketing tool for businesses. Through YouTube, a business can make avail crucial information about its products & services and influence customer decisions in the purchase process.

6. Harness The Effectiveness Of Email Marketing

Statistics show about 77% of consumers’ trust email marketing than any other form of marketing. This is because it is permission-based, meaning that people receiving the email have given business the authority to send them email messages. Therefore, email readers are already warm leads and perceptive to the sender’s message. It is a great way to building trust and continued relationship. It presents several opportunities for a business and drives better ROI. It is shareable and can reach a potentially huge audience.

7. Cost-Effective Advertising Spend

With Facebook Ads starting out $5, Instagram Shoutouts at $20, minimal or no cost for using Email, YouTube et cetera, digital marketing turns out to cost a fraction of what a business could pay by using traditional marketing campaigns. Traditional marketing techniques such as TVs, Billboards, and radio commercials that come with huge price tags, whereas the cost of digital marketing is almost negligible compared to the benefits a business can reap from using such channels. Additionally, it is not limited by geographical location meaning a business can reach the global audience.

8. Better ROI Compared to Traditional Marketing

The top priority of marketers using digital marketing platforms is to improve their ROI. Statistics show that 67% of them attributed better conversion rates to the use of digital marketing campaigns. 64% of them realized improvement in engagement rates through Clicks and Opens. Further, 88% believe that email marketing produces better ROI than any other marketing campaign. This is far much better than traditional marketing campaigns that cost more but don’t guarantee ROI.

9. Real-Time Data for Customer Analysis and Decision Making

Digital marketing is data-driven marketing. Marketers and businesses alike now understand their customers better and are able to influence purchase decisions from use of customer data. This has drastically improved the precision of marketing campaigns and enabled better decision making by businesses.


Given the shift in customer purchasing trends and the immense benefits for businesses arising from digital marketing, it would be fatal for a business not to promote their products and services through Internet and digital channels.

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